TT04 - Total Kharir CPU Fire Fighting Upgrade Proj
Engineering, Procurment & Construction (EPC)
TT07 - Total Kharir Airstrip Making
Engineering, Procurment & Construction (EPC)
TT11 - Total Kharir CCU Extention Project

2009-10-01 - 2010-09-30

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

In 2005, the Central Compression Unit (CCU) project has been launched in order to gather the GAS from basement wells in one facility to enable a proper gas re-injection inside the basement reservoir.

- The Boosting  Package within the CCU comprises:

  • Update of the control, ESD, F&G  systems in the existing CCU technical building.
  • Installation of the 400V MCC and connection of all the equipments to this MCC.

The AS&AF Package within the CCU:

  • 2# Oil booster pumps (2x100%, 45 000 blpd each)
  • 1# pig launcher on the CCU
  • 1#26" Oil inlet manifold
  • 1# new closed drain vessel
  • 1# new technical building
  • 1# Fire water tank
  • Installation of the  6.6kV MCC Switchboard
  • Installation of 400w/6.k KV transformers.
  • Installation of the 400V MCC
  • 1#5 km12" Pipeline between CCU and the CPU.


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