Supporting the Local Communities

Supporting the Local Communities during and after the water fall disaster in Sah and Sayoon Regions.

EPRs Contract for YLNG Pipeline

Tanmia is awarded the EPRs contract for YLNG pipeline

Tanmia is growing quickly

In continuous development, Tanmia is growing quickly in the past two years…

In only two years, Tanmia has experienced more than a 100% growth, expanding with that its capabilities in the construction business, growing with quality and Safety first in Mind. With exclusive zero accident records during 2007 and 2008. Tanmia is proud to have reached its goals and its employee base. With an increasing number of Employees, Tanmia now is moving toward more training programs to ensure correct follow up of such personnel and continues developments in the different fields of fabrications, piping, electrical, instrumentation, scaffolding, administration and much more.

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